OZU the Japanese Magician of Film

I’ve decided to watch all of OZU’s films. So started with his masterpiece “The end of summer”. Three Generations of a family and their friends go about their ordinary lives in the most simple unassuming way, and yet there is drama. The patriarch of the family worries everyone. He is not paying attention to a once […]

“Is Steve Jobs an Artist?” asks a recent New Yorker article

“Is Steve Jobs an Artist?” asks a recent New Yorker article following the movie. It’s not the right question. What kind of art form is a computer? Now that would have been a better question. The closest art form we all recognize is architecture. What is code? A language which creates the bricks of machine […]

Serena, Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Directed by Susanne Bier

A very interesting film from 2929 Productions, distributed by Magnolia Pictures, which follows a certain line of endeavor by this group of artists and business people: unmitigated commitment to the deep. This is a difficult story, of plainer less glamorous Americans, facing hard times and the psychological hardships of inner turmoil, not bandaged by easy […]